Copy and Paste Jobs: How to Easily Earn $10 per Day

Are you looking for an easy way to make money from home? If so, copy and past jobs is the easiest way to make money that you can find online. Even if you have no computer skills you can work from home and earn an extra income with copy and paste jobs.

You can work in your spare time and in the comfort of your home. In this post I’ll explain what are online copy and paste jobs and how you can get started.

You’ll also discover what are the advantages and disadvantages of copy and paste jobs, you’ll also learn how to find these kind of jobs.

What Exactly is Copy and Paste Jobs?

As the name indicates, it’s simply a copy and paste job, exactly this (duh…). You have to copy the documents (text only, no images or complicated stuff) and paste it on server of the company that is providing these jobs for you.

The company that you’ll be working will provide all the important details – exactly from where (which website) you have to copy the text. It’s really super easy and with just a click you can copy the text and paste it on the right place and the job is done.

The text can be of  1 line, 10 lines or 100 lines, but the time you spend to copy the text is always fast.

Types of Copy & Paste Jobs and How to get Started

There are 2 ways to earn money with copy and paste jobs, they can be online and offline. If it’s online then you need to paste the text directly on the company’s website.

If it’s offline you need to copy and paste on a word document and save on your computer and then you must email it to the company. However is very difficult to find offline jobs.

You also need to finish the work in a fixed period of time. For example some companies could pay you to copy and paste 500 lines of text in 7 days if you want to be paid.

How to Find a Trusted Copy and Paste Company

This is the only big disadvantage of this kind of online job. Finding a good and genuine copy & paste job is not an easy task. You have to search at online classified ads and on sites that pays users to complete these kind of jobs.

The best and most trusted one is Crowdflower, a company that provide several types of mini-jobs, however you can’t sign up directly at Crowdflower. There are some sites that have integrated Crowdflower and you need to sign up with them just to user Crowdflower later.

Below are the best ones that have copy and paste jobs from Crowdflower:

Neobux: It’s primary a “Get-paid-to” site and this great site offers countless mini-jobs s to make money without investment. You are paid to watch ads, complete offers and surveys.

To get copy & paste jobs, first you need to sign up clicking here, then after logging in you need to go on “Offers” then click at “Mini-Jobs”. There you’ll find several mini-jobs, but not all of them are online copy paste jobs.

Clixsense: it works exactly like neobux, basically almost everything that you can find on neobux you’ll find at ClixSense. Just register you account, then look for mini-jobs and you’ll find copy paste online jobs.

Copy & paste jobs is a “ridiculous” simple way to work from home without investment. But unfortunately very few companies are offering this kind of job.

However if you are looking for online jobs without investment there are many other great options – not so easy like just copying and pasting a text, but easy ways to make money from home.

You can check this article with some proven ways to make free money or you can read this post about how to make money completing simply tasks and offers with the best ptc sites.