Review: Is this the Best Bitcoin Service in Philippines?

In this article, I’ll write an honest review and you’ll discover more details about this website and the main advantages and disadvantages of using this service.

What is is a company from Philippines that facilitates money transfers from Bitcoin. It’s like an online payment processor, it allows you to buy, send and receive Bitcoins from anyone using the Blockchain technology.

If you still don’t know, bitcoin is the first decentralized digital curreny and it was created in 2009 by an unknown programmer, or a group of programmers, under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. If Bitcoin is a new term for and you need more detailed information about what it is, I recommend that you check this article from wikipedia clicking here.

Below are some advantages of using as your ewallet to store Bitcoins:

  • It’s reliable: you can send and receive money from anyone, anywhere at anytime across any point of the world.
  • Low transactions fees: as there’s not a central bank managing bitcoin, have lower fees when compared with a tradicional bank.
  • You can easily buy and sell bitcoins: you can easily load your account and buy or sell bitcoins with just few clicks.
  • Great reward system: if you register your account there you are rewarded depending of your activity. For example, if you refer someone, you earn a small bonus. If you load some money you earn an extra 5%. There are many other rewards, just take a look into their “Promos” page.
  • Several withdrawal and deposit options: if you don’t have bank account or a credit card, it’s not a problem because offers several options to withdrawal or deposit.

My Personal Experience

I’ve been using this website for only few months and I until this moment everything is working fine and I had not problems using this service.

The site and the app are easy and intuitive to use and everything seems to be working fine.

Is it a safe place to buy and store bitcoins?

Yes, it’s a safe place to buy and store bitcoins, however have in mind that every site could be hacked and with this service it’s not different. If you are going to buy bitcoins and hold them, I recommend that you look for another one or two ewallets and store a bit on each one, so you reduce the risk of being hacked.

Also it’s important to say that I found some scamming websites offering a hack where you could get bitcoins for free simply downloading and using this apk.

So be careful with people promising a miraculous hack that makes free money for you.

My final verdict

After reading this review I believe that there’s no doubts, this is a legit company. It’s an established company with some big investors like KickStart and several others. This website is one of the most popular ewallets in Philippines and certainly have potential to become even more popular.

However as said previously you should be attentive when we are talking about bitcoins. Forget searching about any hack promising easy and free bitcoins and never share your login info with anyone.