ClixTen Review and Strategy to Earn $500 per Month

ClixTen is a popular “Paid-to-Click” program where registered users are paid to click and view advertisements.

This site was created in 2012 by Pascal Mihaela from Romania. It has become one of the most popular PTC programs with over 570.000 registered users and more than $365.000 paid to their members.

Is ClixTen Scam?

Definitely not. ClixTen had problems with paypal in the past and this payment option is not more available for purchases and cashouts. However this site still is paying all members with no problems with other payments processors – payza, solidtrustpay, perfectmoney, payeer and bitcoin.

If you visit their forums you can find countless payments proofs and there’s no complains about delays or excuses to receive payments.

How ClixTen Works?

There are several ways to make money with ClixTen, the easiest way is by clicking and viewing ads.

Here’s how it woks:

First you will click the advertisements.


You’ll instantly be redirected to the ads page with a loading bar.


Wait some moments until the bar is fully loaded and click the upside down picture. And you earned some small cash.


Repeat the process clicking all available ads. But you should know that is only allowed to view only one ad per time, you simply can’t watch multiple ads at the same time.

How Much Money you Can Earn Clicking Ads?

It will depends of your membership level. Obviously standard (free) members will earn less than users that paid for a membership.

Below is a table with the earnings per click by membership level.

clixten earnings

What are Other Options to Make Money with Clixten?

There are many other ways to earn money with Clixten:

  • Referring others users:  you earn a nice percentage from PTC earnings of your members, plus you get up to $1.00 if one of your referrals decide to upgrade.
  • Paid to like: you can earn xTenPoints for each facebook like, but there’s a limit of 12 likes per day.
  • Paid to watch videos: it’s similar of PTC, but you are paid to watch quick videos with Virool.
  • PTSU Offers: “Paid-to-sign-up” offers pays you to complete some simple offers. Usually you need to join for free others online programs and follow some instructions.
  • OfferWalls: At Clixten you have several opportunities to make money with offers. This is a kind of tasks that includes: completing tasks, surveys and mini tasks.
  • ClixGrid: This is a kind of game that after that you clicked and watched a short ad you can earn cash prizes.
  • Rented Referrals: instead of hunting direct referrals, for a small fee you can have a rented referral that possibly will make money for you on auto-pilot. 

Making Money with Rented Referrals

Like many other PTC programs, at ClixTen you can rent referrals for a small fee. Below is the prices:

  • 5 Referrals – $0.75
  • 10 Referrals – $1.5
  • 20 Referrals – $3.00
  • 50 Referrals – $7.50
  • 10 Referrals – $15.00

And below you can see how much you earn from your rented referrals depending of your membership level:

Clixten rented referrals

Is worth to rent referrals?

It depends. If you upgrade at least for Golden and if you renew your rented referrals for 90 days or more you can make some nice profits. However you’ll need to invest few hundred dollars, just to get started.

What are the Requirements to Cashout?

You must reach a minimum of $2.00 on your main balance and and payments are sent within 5-10 business days. You can request payments via Bitcoin, Payza, Payeer or Perfect Money.

Simple Strategy to Earn $500 per Month

So what is the best way to multiply your earnings at ClixTen? By having many direct referrals and by upgrading your membership and renting referrals.

What’s the best way to get direct referrals?

The best and faster way is to advertise ClixTen on other sites. Here’s my little secret to get direct referrals:

There’s a great PTC site called Scarlet-clicks where for as low as $5.00 you can buy Special Packs and when you buy them you earn at no extra cost banner credits and free rented referrals. So this is a great deal, because you’ll be advertising ClixTen and at the same time you’ll earn some money from rented referrals that you got for free at Scarlet-Clicks.

Now that you know how to get direct referrals, you just need to reinvest your earnings purchasing more Special Packs and you’ll slowly see some nice profits.

You also can start renting some referrals and always renewing them for longer periods (because you get a discount).

This is a simple but powerful strategy to make money with ClixTen.

Positive Aspects about Clixten

  • It’s paying with no delays and excuses since 2012.
  • Fairly easy to reach minimum to cashout.
  • Several ways to make money.
  • Trusted admin and owners.
  • Great and quick support.

Negative Aspects

  • Paypal removed. This is the most popular option to receive and send money and not having this option can keep away some users.

Final Thoughts

Although there are better ways to make money online if you are a beginner looking to make your first dollar online, I recommend that you join ClixTen, because it’s not scam and have some potential to earn some extra income with small efforts.