Clickworker Review: Legit Site that can pay you $500+/month?

Making a lot of money online requires knowledge, experience, and several skills if you dream about becoming a rich online entrepreneur. However thankfully to sites like ClickWorker you can make some extra bucks with almost no advanced skills or knowledge.

This a site that promises to pay you just to perform simple and fast tasks online using their platform by becoming a “ClickWorker”.

But can you really earn money and get paid by ClickWorker? Is this a legit or scam website?

On this honest Clickworker review I’ll give you my opinion and you’ll discover these answers.

What is and how does ClickWorker work?

In a nutshell, ClickWorker is a website that claims to pay you just for doing simple tasks online such as creating or correcting texts, participating in paid surveys, micro-jobs, and mainly for helping categorize data for them.

Clickwork is free to sign up and available for desktop users and also for mobile users (Android and iPhone.)

How to sign up and start making money with Clickworker?

First, you need to create your account. Simply go on their website, click on the blue “Sign up” button, enter the required info, name, date of birth, password, and a few other info.

After that, the registration process is complete all you need to do is log in daily and complete the tasks available.

Clickworker app is also available for Android and iPhone users.

Is it a scam or legit?

After checking countless Clickworker reviews from other sites and especially from their users on Google Play platform and forums I can say that definitely ClickWorker is legit and paying their users. However, the two main complaints are about low earnings and not a lot of tasks available for some users.

Honestly, I don’t think this is really something to worry because due to the nature of this business model it’s hard to make a lot of money – you are getting paid for simple tasks that don’t require advanced skills or hard work involved.

What is the minimum amount necessary to ask for a payment

As soon as you reach a minimum of $10 you can request a payment. Payments are sent to your PayPal account and it also is possible to receive your funds via bank transfer for a few countries.

How much money can you make with ClickWorker?

Here’s the point that comes most Clickworker complaints after searching for reviews from their users; you are going be paid to complete simple tasks and other activities that don’t require any significant amount of work, and obviously your payout will be very low.

After completing a single task or survey you can expect to earn anywhere from only $0.05 to $2.00 (maybe more in some cases), and the problem is people tend to believe that they will earn a substantial extra income, but this will never happen.

So it’s worth spending time using Clickworker?

Do you expect to pay your bills with Clickworker or with paid surveys or tasks?

So don’t bother to waste your time registering on this program…

But on the other side, if are you living in a poor country where your currency is devaluated and maybe $10-20/month is a good amount of money. Then much probably you’ll enjoy your Clickworker earnings.

ClickWorker Pros:

  • Totally free to sign up
  • You don’t need special skills or advanced knowledge
  • Easy to user and beginner-friendly interface.

ClickWorker Cons:

  • Low potential to earn money
  • Minimum to cash out could be lower
  • Not many tasks are available in some countries.

Final Words

As you can realize after fully reading this Clickworker review, there’s no easy money on the internet, and Clickworker is a legit site that you can make just some extra bucks at the end of the month.

Do you want to earn a real extra income or find a way to make thousands of dollars monthly? Then you’ll need to work really hard and start your own site or business.

Many people sign up on these types of programs believing that they can earn a lot of money easily, just to end up frustrated five minutes later.