CashPirate App Hack: How to Easily Earn $30 Fast

Do you want to earn some extra cash in your spare time just using your smartphone? I bet the answer is yes. With an app called CashPirate is possible to earn some cash and nice gift cards.

So what is CashPirate and how it works? Is there a genuine Cashpirate hack apk where you can multiply your earnings? Read my Cashpirate review and discover some Cashpirate tricks to earn more.

What is Cashpirate app and how it works?

Cashpirate is an app that you can download from Google Play and it’s a program that pays you just for downloading and testing free apps and for doing other simple tasks.

It’s very easy to get started with Cashpirate app, just go on Google Play and search for “Cashpirate” or click here. Then you need to install it on your mobile device, it accepts Android and iOS.

After it’s installed, it will ask some basic info about you, your age, gender, birth date, etc. Then will be presented a list with many apps where you can download for free and test them.

Also when you are registering your account there’s a field to enter a bonus code. Type this Cashpirate referral code: AEKGDS and you’ll instantly earn 200 points. If you do not enter this code you will not get the bonus.

If you download and test the available apps you’ll earn points. These points can be converted into real cash or gift cards from brands like Amazon, Playstation and many others.

There are all sorts of apps available, from simple apps and even complex games. But pay attention, there are some requirements to be credited with points. And every apps has its own terms, some of them you just need to open and test for 2 minutes, while others you need to test for at least 10 minutes for several days.

It’s also possible to earn points just by watching simple videos and completing some quick surveys.

How much money can you make?

You can’t expect to earn a thousand dollars per month, however, if you spend 20 minutes or less per day you can make some extra bucks.

And how many points you need to earn $1.00?

To make $1, you need 1000 points, so let’s say that if you plan your earn $5 per day you’ll need to reach 5000 points.

The minimum necessary to request a payment is $2.5 (2500 points).

Is there a Cashpirate hack to multiply your earnings?

Many sites are offering a Cashpirate hack tool, where you just need to make some clicks and you can instantly earn unlimited points… It looks amazing, right?

However I could not find a single Cashpirate apk hack, that really works. All of them are fake hacks and some of them contain malicious softwares. So it’s not a good idea.

There are many other sites promising some easy Cashpirate tricks but most of them are a waste of time.

The best way to “hack” Cashpirate is by getting referrals. If you refer people to join this program you will get 10% of all their earnings as well as 5% of all the friends your friends referred.

That’s a smart and proven and legit way to “hack” Cashpirate.