Review: Another Scam or Legit? Can you Earn $1,000/month? is an “investment” program that is promising an amazing return of 3.84% per day in Bitcoin. But is scam or a legit program to earn money? In this review I’ll write about this website and my opinion about it.

What is

I checked their site and could not find many detailed info about this program. In the “About Us” page they say that they have developed an innovative investment program meeting the needs and without too much “pathos”, they claim that they simply did something that no one else could.

“Now your bitcoins can grow even more often than once a hour” – these are they exact words.

Also in their “About Us” page you just need to invest a minimum of $5,00 in bitcoins to start multiplying your investment.

Honestly in my opinion that’s too good to be true. Anything with guaranteed results is suspicious and you should pay an extra attention…

Below are some extra info about this site:

What payment processors do they accept?

They accept just bitcoin, no paypal or other popular payment processors.

What is the daily earning from

They are promising to pay 3.84% of daily income in Bitcoin, this is the most suspicious part. Even 2% a month is a lot, now can you imagine that it’s almost 4% a day?


At least from now, this program seems to be paying and there’s some payment proofs around the web. But from my opinion this is just another pyramid scheme, because it’s promising a ridiculous high return in a short period of time and this is completely unsustainable.

I’m telling this based on my experience, there are countless scams promising fantastic returns on your investments, and this site could possibly be another one. You should always be carefull with any program making big promises.

If you want to put some money into this site, never invest more than what you can afford to lose.

And is always important to look for honest reviews and payment proofs before you start investing into any program.