Btcclicks Bot: Discover How to Easily Earn $10/day

Are you looking for a free way to earn bitcoins? Threre are several websites where you can earn a small fraction of bitcoins just by completing simple tasks.

Btcclicks is one of these sites that rewards you just for doing simple activities online. And as this site is becoming very popular many people are searching for cheats where they could hack the system and multiply their earnings.

I believe the most popular type of hack is a “btcclicks bot”, a bot is a piece of script that automatically clicks the ads on Btcclicks. But does it really works or it’s just a fake software?

Before answering this question, read my Btcclicks review below.

What is Btcclicks and how it works?

Btcclicks is basically a PTC (paid-to-click) program, it means that you earn money just by watching ads for a short period of time. At Btcclicks ads duration goes from 10 seconds and up to 200 seconds.

To start making money, the first step is registering your account clicking here, after this you need to verify your email, choose a password and finally you can login to your account and start getting paid to view ads.

Is Btcclicks scam or legit?

Btcclicks was launched in 2013 and until know in 2017 it’s paying with no problems, which is a great achievement for a PTC site.

According their terms of service all withdrawals are processed through Bitcoin instantly. I have from now received only 2 payments, but there are many payment proofs online, so there’s no red flags for now.

Not many PTC sites lasts so long, so this is a positive aspect, however you should always be careful and looks for honest Btcclicks reviews like this one and never invest more than what you can afford to lose.

BTCclicks Bot

I see many lazy people searching for a btcclicks bot to earn money easily with this site. If you don’t know a bot is an auto-click software that makes the “hard” job of watching ads for you…

I have tested those scripts, hacks and bots, and I can assure you it’s a waste of time, because you have big chances of being banned.

The best way to “hack” Btcclicks is by being honest and referring new users to join this site. They have a great affiliate system where as a free member you earn 40% of your refferals earnings and up to 80% if you upgrade.

If you are able to get hundreds of referrals you certainly will make a good amount of money,  with no doubts, this is the best strategy to earn money with Btcclicks.