Bitcofarm Review and Strategy: How to Earn $30/Day

Bitcofarm is an interesting and controversial program that rewards their registered users for watching short ads and by doing some simple tasks online.

It was launched at December of 2016 and it’s a site that have potential to become very popular. But is this a legit site or just another future scam?

In this Bitcofarm review you’ll learn how it works and if it’s scam or not.

About Bitcofarm

Bitcofarm is an innovative PTC that pays users simply by clicking and watching ads from their advertisers.

There are few ways to earn money with this site:

  • Watching ads: a super easy way to earn money, however instead of earning a fraction of 1 cent for every ad watched like happens on other ptc sites, you earn points that can be converted into Bitcoin.
  • Contests: users that refer a lot of new people or those that earn a lot of points are rewarded with Bitcoin prizes.
  • Getting direct referrals: you can refer people to join BitcoFarm using your referral link and when they click on ads, or buy anything you earn a commission.
  • Buying animals: it’s something very crazy and weird, but you can “buy” virtual animals like a chicken, sheep or cow and these animals will make a huge return of up to 40% of your investment.

As you can see this is a different PTC site, I think is the only one where you can buy animals that will make money for you. Explaining how it works, if you buy a Golden chicken, you can collect one golden egg per day and sell it for bitcoins.

It’s a strange new concept, but seems to be working for now.

Upgrade Options

You can join for free as a standard member and earn more money buy upgrading your account, the prices are:

  • Bronze membership costing 0.0125 bitcoin
  • Silver membership costing 0.025 bitcoin
  • And Golden membership at 0.0375

Is Bitcofarm scam or legit?

This site is going for almost 1 year online and I see from others BitcoFarm reviews that it’s paying with no problems, but I also found some people saying that never received your payment.

I registered at BitcoFarm recently, so I still haven’t requested a cashout. For now this site seems to be legit and you can see some payment proofs at their forums.

Other things you should know

As said before you can buy virtual animals and make a huge return in a short period of time. So this can be an unsustainable business model in the long run.

Also is important that you know that you are forced to invest if you want to cashout. For example when you watch ads you earn points that can be converted into Bitcoins for your purchase balance.

So you are not forced to invest money from your own pocket, but you need to invest your points. Also there’s a maximum return that you can make which is 150% for free members and up to 300% for Golden memberships.

Bitcofarm Strategy to Earn $30 per day

Is possible to earn up to $30 per day with a simple Bitcofarm strategy. Basically you need to upgrade your membership at the highest level and get hundreds or even thousands of direct referrals.

You need to get many direct referrals that will click everyday and make good commissions for you.

The best way to get direct referrals is by advertising your referral link on other sites like gptplanet.


Bitcofarm is a site with great potential to make money, but you should never invest more than what you can afford to loose into this site.

I also don’t recommend that you use any type of bitcofarm bot or hack, because they don’t work and you can be banned.