4 Top WordPress Blog Themes to Run a Profitable Blog

So, you already purchased your domain name, chose the best hosting for your blog, installed WordPress and you think everything is done to start blogging and making money, right?

Sorry do disappoint you… there’s still one thing that you should pay attention to…

Your blog design will pay a big role in the success of your online adventure. In this article, I’ll explain the importance of having a good WordPress theme for your blog and will also recommend four of the best blogging themes for WordPress that are available to purchase, plus some free options if you don’t want to pay for it.

But first of all, what is a Blog theme?

A theme is the “skeleton” of your blog design. It is installed inside your WordPress blog and it allows you to make countless design customizations, it’s what you see on the frontend of your blog.

Themes have pre-programmed coding that will allow you to make these customizations that you need to make your blog successful and look beautiful. These are the most common customizations:

  • Adding your logo
  • Changing fonts
  • Changing colors
  • How sidebar and other elements will display.

Why you need a decent WordPress theme?

There’s a saying to not judge the book by its cover… but in the case of your blog or website, the design is absolutely the first thing that your readers will notice.

It’s not your ultra-mega useful article. That huge 5,000 words article that you took 2 weeks to write will no perform well if you run your blog in a free and ugly WordPress theme.

Below are some tasks you need to make your blog design look beautiful, clean and attractive from a perspective of your blog visitors:

  • Setting up columns
  • Adding email opt-ins or newsletter
  • Setting up columns
  • Pretty headlines with the best size possible
  • Menus, headers, footer, sidebar widgets
  • A pretty combination of font colors
  • Etc, etc…

As you can see, there are tons of things you need to do, to have that very attractive blog layout that will please your visitors.

But the worst part is that fixing all these stuff on your own will require advanced HTML, CSS, and coding from your part. I’m a complete newbie in terms of coding and most people wanting to start their blogs are in the same situation.

In the past, I used to waste hours and hours trying to fix simple stuff like headers or font sizes on my free blogging themes. Those were stupid mistakes I did that could be easily “fixed” paying for a decent WordPress theme.

Instead of wasting hours and hours into an activity that would never bring traffic, email leads and finally money. I was spending time into technical stuff that would never bring me back real benefits.

Now you see why most of the free WordPress themes will cost you time and money?

Paying for a Premium WordPress theme is simply the best way to avoid bad or ugly design for your blog. Yes, there are some good and free WordPress themes that you can find there.

But even the best ones are not good enough for a successful blog. The cost of a paid WordPress theme is a unique fee of $50-70. It’s absolutely a low value compared with the benefits you’ll get with a decent WordPress theme.

Other reasons why paying for a Premium theme is worth it

As I said if you install a free WordPress theme and you have problems or just want to change some small stuff, you’ll need to know to code…

And good coders will charge you at least $20-30 per hour, so you’ll pay a lot of money just to fix some small issue in your blog theme.

Below other solid reasons to pay for a Premium WordPress theme:

  • Facility to change your blog layout, including sidebar positions, font and size colors just by pressing a button.
  • Built-in features like email opt-in forms that would save you money (because you’ll not need to pay for a separate program).
  • Maybe the best reason is the lifetime support and updates from the Theme creators.
  • Countless customizations that most of the free themes don’t have.
  • They are mobile responsive, nowadays over 60% of people are browsing using the internet.
  • And many more…

Why you should avoid FREE Themes

Simply because you get what you pay for… It seems so obvious, but why would some web developers invest many hours into a theme with many great features and distribute it for free?

Also, this is what you get when installing a Free theme:

  • Very limited functions and customizations
  • A lot of bugs that maybe will never get fixed
  • Non-existent support
  • A lot of free headaches.

Maybe if you are just starting in your blogging adventure and you are really broke and don’t have $50 to buy a good theme, using a free theme could be a temporary choice.

I never saw a profitable and successful blogger using a cheap theme. You can start with a free one, but as soon as you can afford to pay for it, you must go on a Paid WordPress theme.

The 4 Best WordPress themes for bloggers

If you go on a site like Themeforest.net you can literally find thousands and thousands of WordPress themes. And many of them can be very good and fit your needs.

But, you obviously will not try each one of them to discover which one is the best for you. Below is a small list with 4 of the best and already tested from me. So this is a great recommendation if you are just starting your first blog now, but are unsure which WordPress blog theme to choose.

1. Divi Theme

From my experience, Divi Theme is currently one of the most customizable and user-friendly themes for both beginners bloggers and even for more advanced bloggers that you can find to purchase online.

One of the best features of this theme in my opinion: it has a drag-and-drop editor that lets you design your blog and see how it looks like in real-time. It’s a great deal if you are a person like me that doesn’t have tons of patience to test things.

You can make your home page and internal pages look pretty much exactly how you want it to, and you also have many resources to help you.

And of course, you can count on an extensive library of written and video tutorials to show you how to use and customize your blog using this theme.

They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is important in the remote case if you don’t like the features and wants to try another WordPress theme.

The only downside is the higher price compared to others. You have 2 payment options: you can choose to pay a one time fee of $249 (the best option) or an $89/year fee.

This WordPress theme is perfect for beginners bloggers who are completely new to WordPress and want to make a lot of customizations without having headaches.

2. Avada Theme

Avada is the most popular paid WordPress theme. At this moment is has sold over 500k copies (half million), and there’s one reason why it is selling so well.

Avada is not the typical theme with just a couple of features and customizations. It has tons of features and customizations, their creators are constantly upgrading and improving Avada.

However it’s no so intuitive and user-friendly as Divi, but for a one time fee of $60 is one of the best options that you can find for this price.


While it’s much cheaper compared to Divi, it will take more time until you learn how to use all the features of Avada.

But still is a great option for those not wanting to spend over $200 on an expensive Theme like Divi. You’ll also find tons of useful features and customizations for your blog.

3. Hestia Theme (Free Option)

You already have your blog working and at least for now, don’t want to pay for a Premium WordPress theme?

Then Hestia is a good option for you.

Of course, it will not be possible to make tons of customizations and changes like on Divi or Avada. But you still can make quite a few important customizations on your homepage and internal pages. You can change your menu, header images, columns, and other essential stuff.

If you want, they also offer a paid version if you want extra customizations and features.

4.  Flash Theme (Free)

Created by ThemeGrill, Flash is another top free theme used and recommended by thousands of users around the world.

With Flash, you have a good number of essential features and customizations available without having to pay money from your pocket. Of course, it’s not going to be nearly in terms of functions like you can find on Avada or Divi themes.

ThemeGrill also offers a paid version of Flash, if you want to have access to more features. But if you are planning to pay, with no doubts Divi and Avada is a better option than the paid version of Flash theme.

Another option called Genesis Framework

Are you an advanced blogger and are looking for an complex and super customizable theme with tons of features?

Then the Genesis Framework is an option for you.

But pay attention, Genesis is not for the beginner or even for the average blogger.

Genesis Framework is considered the fastest theme on the market and probably the one with more features available. But at the same time that is a super complete theme, it is VERY difficult to customize.

First, because you need to purchase the Genesis Framework, then purchase a Genesis child theme, and for the last the Genesis customization plugin.

It requires a higher learning curve, and this is the “price” you pay for having a lightning-fast theme with virtually infinite customization options.

This theme is only for very experienced bloggers that want to build a unique and 100% original theme for their bloggers.

Genesis Framework definitely is not for the beginner or average blogger. It’s recommended only for those bloggers making 5 figures per month that plan to build a unique and different blog design.

It’s totally possible to build a blog that makes 5 figures per month using a cheaper WordPress blog theme like Avada or Divi, so there’s no need to put Genesis Framework as your first option.

Summary of the best Blog themes

As I said previously you can find thousands of Paid blog themes, each one with different features that can fit different needs. But if you are a new blogger dreaming to make money online these are the best blog themes.

Here is a short overview of my recommendation of the best blogging themes for WordPress :

  • Divi – One of the most customizable themes available and easy to learn how it works.
  • Avada – Cheaper compared to Divi, but with fewer options to customize, ideal for the average blogger that doesn’t need that many features that Divi has.
  • Hestia and Flash: Great options for beginners bloggers that don’t want to invest initially on their bloggers
  • Genesis Framework: Ideal for those that want as many as possible features and customizations with the best of the best and are willing to pay for it.

From my experience, these are one of the top blogging themes for WordPress you can find online, of course, you can find dozens of other good themes, but if you don’t want to waste your time searching, you’ll not regret if you choose one of these blog themes.