The Best Paying PTC Sites: How to Easily Earn $30 per Day

In this article, you’ll discover the best PTC sites that will allow you to earn a great extra income just for clicking ads for money spending only 30 minutes per day.

These are the best online opportunities to earn money online without investment by clicking ads. Also is important to say that you’ll earn dollars by clicking ads, so you’ll be paid by a strong currency and depending on the country where you live it can make the difference.

Basically, you get paid for clicking ads from people advertising their services or websites.

By using PTC sites you can earn money online free by clicking ads in different ways. You get paid to click ads, by completing simple offers or surveys, renting referrals that make money on auto-pilot and by referring other users to join under you.

There are dozens or even hundreds of PTC sites, however, only some are legit and worth to earn money.

Many paid to click sites are scams and they will never pay you. However, we have tested almost all PTC websites that are online and we can recommend only the best and most trusted PTC sites. So there’s absolutely no need to worry and you can register on them and make some extra money.

I created two separate lists of PTC websites. In the first category is listed the best paid to click sites. In the other category, you can find a list with legit PTC sites.

In the first list, you can find the best paying PTC sites. There you’ll find only trusted PTC sites that are online and paying for a minimum of 5 years.

The list with legit PTC sites, you can find paid to click sites that are online and paying for at least one year.

Top 10 PTC Sites

The top 10 PTC sites are programs that are online for a minimum of 5 years without problems to pay their members. These are the highest paying PTC sites that you can find online.

Most PTC websites have problems to pay their members due to lack of financial sustainability, however, these sites are so well managed, that even after years they are still top paying PTC sites.

1. Neobux 


Neobux is simply the best paying PTC with huge potential to make money. You can earn money by clicking ads, completing simple offers and tasks.

Neobux is a top Paid-to-click site because you are paid instantly and you can earn thousands of dollars per year if you rent referrals.

It’s also one of the few PTC sites with unlimited ads.

I invested a lot of money on neobux and now I earn about $500 per month. You can learn a strategy to make money on neobux clicking here.

2. Clixsense


Clixsense is an old PTC online, paying since 2007. With this site, you can upgrade for only $17 per year and earn much more.

Neobux and Clixsense are top Get-paid-to sites that really pay, if you plan to earn a lot of money, you should invest money into these 2 great PTC websites.

3. Scarlet-Clicks


Although you’ll not find so many ads to click, this is also a Top PTC to view ads and earn money, you can rent referrals for a low price and upgrade your account for a cheap monthly fee.

4. GptPlanet


This site is from the same owner of scarlet-clicks and with very similar features to earn money. Another very trusted website where you get paid to watch ads.

5. OptimalBux

OptimalBux was launched in 2018, however, is another PTC website from the same owner of Scarlet-Clicks and GptPlanet, with no doubts, is a profitable program where you can earn money by clicking ads without investment.

6. ClixBlue

ClixBlue is online and paying with no problems since 2014. The minimum amount required to cash out is a bit high, but you can find tons of ads to view.

It’s a great website to earn money by watching ads and also, you can receive your first payment instantly.

7. GrandClick


Grandclick is another legit PTC website paying for a few years. This is a PTC website with similar features of Gptplanet and scarlet-clicks.

8. InboxDollars


InboxDollars is a popular website where you can get paid to view ads and to complete surveys. This website is online for 16 years and never had problems to pay their members.

You can earn a lot more if you are from USA or Canada, but if you are from any other country you also can register and earn money completing surveys.

9. EasyHits4U


EasyHits4u is the most popular traffic exchange program. If you join this website you can earn credits to promote your website at the same time that you can make money by clicking ads.

10. DonkeyMails


DonkeyMails is another old and trusted PTC site. It has been online for almost 14 years with no problems to pay their members. With this PTC website, you have many ways to earn easy money.

You can get paid to read emails, completing tasks and offers and by referring new members.

Above were listed paid to click sites that really pay – only the best. Below are legit sites paying for 1 year or more, but still not in the “Top” stats.

Legit PTC Sites

Here is where you can find a complete list of paid to click websites that are trusted and paying with no problems for at least one year.

Although they are paying, I consider that one year online still is not a long period to prove if they are going to stay paying or not.

Just be careful and do not invest more than what you can afford to lose on these PTC programs.

1. GrandMonopoly

2. GrandBux

3. LegacyClix

4. Points2Shop


You really can earn money by clicking ads and without any investment. All the sites above are genuine and paying, however, I recommend that your main focus should be on the best PTC sites like neobux and clixsense if you take it seriously.

And the “secret” to multiply your earnings is to refer new users to join under you. You can easily earn a lot more if you get direct referrals.

I listed only the best PTC sites with high pay in this article, but now it’s your choice to take action and start making money.

For the last is important to warn you about those Paid-to-Click sites promising you to earn $1 per click no minimum payout because they are all scams, nobody will pay you so much money for doing this, so only invest your time into honest websites.

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