Best Meditation and Mindfulness Apps to Improve your Life

Are you always anxious? Do you feel that you’ll lose control of your life and get crazy? Most of us have these negative thoughts.

It is proven by science that daily meditation is a practice that can dramatically change your life, by reducing stress, anxiety and many more benefits.

Meditation is basically a technique which you need to relax your body and focus your attention on your breath, a calm song or even in positive thinking or memory.

However to learn how to meditate, although is a simple technique, it requires a lot of practice. But fortunately, that are countess apps for your Android or iPhone that you can download for free and they will help and guide you.

You just need a good earphone and a place to put your body in a position that will be totally comfortable for the next 20-30 minutes.

Below is a list with 7 of the best meditation apps that are available for Android and iPhone:


Calm is one of the best meditation apps that you can find with many positive reviews. A positive point about Calm is that the focus is meditations and a bunch of mindfull techniques.

It also has a dedicated section focused to sleep well.

Download: For Android | iOS

#2. HeadSpace

HeadSpace is one of the most popular meditation apps you can find. However, there are only 10 free meditation programs. If you want more you have to pay.

In the paid plan you have several options like meditation to relax, sleep, happiness and relaxation.

Download: For Android | iOS

#3. Insight Timer

If you are looking for meditation apps with tons of free guided meditation and mindfulness, certainly this is a great option. There’s also a paid plan with daily new meditation guides, however, in my opinion, they are not necessary.

Download: For Android | iOS

#4. Aura

Aura is an interesting app that provides daily short meditations that will last only 3 minutes. It was created by experienced meditation therapists. It is also focused on mindfulness and techniques to sleep better.

Although it’s recommended that a meditation session should last longer if you have no time it can be a great option.

Download: For Android | iOS

#5. Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Think might be the perfect app if you need some motivation. You can write about how you feel today and receive recommendations tuned to how you feel.

It’s designed for meditation, mindfulness and is also focused on helping you build emotional strength and confidence to handle the life’s ups and downs.

Download: For Android | iOS

#6. Ten Percent Happier

This apps promise to help you sleep better, improve your relationships, become more mindful and at least 10% happier?

Inside this app, you’ll find original guided meditations and videos that can help you boost your meditation practice.

Download: For Android | iOS

#7. The Mindfulness App

This app was created by two yoga and mindfulness professionals. So there’s no doubt it’s a great meditation app.

With Mindfulness app you can start your meditation practice with only 5 minutes per day and track your progress – so you can stay motivated and stick with this new habit.

It’s an app indicated for beginners, kids and even for people that have been practicing meditation for a long time.

Download: Android| iOS

There are countless meditation and mindfulness apps online to download for free. However most of them are not good enough, above are some of the best ones online.

I would suggest you test 2 or 3 of them and pick your favorite.

Some meditation tips

The mind is extremely complex, our emotions and feelings are complex to control. If you practice for years you can slowly get amazing benefits like reducing anxiety, better sleep, increase mental health and the list is very long.

Below are some essential tips:

  1. Have patience, not every day you’ll feel good to meditate, just keep going
  2. Try practice always in the same place and in the same hour, so you’ll create a solid habit
  3. Practice in an hour that your mind is calm
  4. Put yourself in a comfortable position
  5. Observe your thoughts and just keep the concentration at one point.

Now it’s time to find your favorite app and start meditating!