17 Best and Essencial Blogging Tools for Beginners

No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced user, if you want to make money blogging, there are many blogging tools and resources that are extremely essential and useful if you want to be successful.

In this article, you’ll find a list with the best blogging tools for beginners and for experts that will make a huge difference in your blog. If you make a quick search, you’ll find infinite resources and tools for blogging, no matter your experience level.

However, these are the top blogging tools that you can’t live as a blogger without using it:

Essential Tools


WordPress is the most popular platform for bloggers. From small bloggers to big ones, most of them are using WordPress. If you are a complete newbie, and you want to make money blogging, a self-hosted website with WordPress is a must.

Why WordPress is so good?

  • It’s 100% free to use
  • Very stable and secure
  • Infinite plugins and themes
  • Many other reasons.

If you still don’t have a self-host blog with your own domain, you can check this step-by-step article and learn how to create your blog.


You need a good hosting for your blog. You don’t want to wake up and discover that your blog was down in the last 10 hours and that it was hacked. Also, a good hosting company will give your fast support when you have a problem.

If you are starting right I recommend BlueHost, it’s very cheap and trusted. Go here to get started.


There’s a very old phrase saying that “the money is in your email list”. And it’s absolutely true, you need to start an email list to make money. This is one of the best blogging tools to make make money with your blog.

A few reasons to start your email list:

  • You can send an email to promote your articles
  • You can send promotional email to sell your products or services
  • This is an asset that you own, it’s not like your Facebook fan page that can be closed at any time
  • Long term asset that can potentially make money for many years.
  • Many more.

Aweber is an easy to use email service with many features available. So go here and join now (the first month costs only $1.00).

WordPress Plugins

There are countless WordPress plugins that are essential and useful for many reasons. I’ll not talk about them here, instead, I recommend that you check this article with 17 of the best WordPress plugins.

Traffic Tools

If you like or not, you must drive visitors to your blog. Traffic is the oxygen of your blog… No traffic = no email leads, no clicks, no sales.

With no doubts, for 99% of bloggers, Pinterest and Search Engines (Google, Bing) are the best traffic sources. Although for a new blog, it’s very hard to rank on Google, if you hate or love, you need this giant.

But here is where Pinterest comes… This visual search engine is easier to get traffic if you follow the right strategy and below is simply the best and unique tool you’ll need to get traffic on Pinterest.


TailWind is a must tool if you use Pinterest to get traffic to your site. Pinterest is great for 3 main reasons:

  • Schedule your Pins automatically (save your precious time)
  • Advanced analytics and accountability, so you know what works or not
  • Bribes: The best feature from TailWind, with tribes you can add your Pins on a group where users will share your Pins with a 1:1 ratio – meaning that you need to share one Pin from other members to get your Pins shared.

Here is a screenshot with how many shares I got in 14 days. This happened after sending 20 Pins to over 90 group bribes.

526 shares in 2 weeks

I pay $64,00 per month on this plan, however, It’s worth every cent.

Writing Tools


Even if you are the best writer in the world, sometimes you’ll write some words incorrectly.

And is funny when you write 1500 words articles, and after reading it 3x you think that your article is written perfectly with no grammar errors.

But after one month one of your readers found misspelled words…

Grammarly is a useful plugin that you can install on Chrome or Firefox and when you are inside your WordPress dashboard writing your blog posts it will check and mark incorrect words like you see in this image below.

SEO Tools


As I said before you need a lot of traffic to your blog to make sales and money. So learning SEO is fundamental and you need to make keyword research to find terms that are not so difficult to rank on the first page.

That’s why I love and recommend Ubersuggest. It’s the best free blogging tool for beginners when we are talking about finding the best keywords for your blog posts.

It’s not complex and easy to use. Simply type a keyword related to what you are writing and it will show you the average search volume for these keywords, as well as other related terms and difficulty level to rank these keywords.

Also by using Ubersuggest you can spy your competitors to find what keywords they are ranking for and other important data.

You can type your domain name or your competitor domain to discover important information that will help you to rank better on search engines.

As you can see in the image above, if you type any keyword it will show related keywords, sites ranking on top, competition level, and other information.


KWfinder is another important tool for SEO. It has many features like Ubersuggest. However it’s a paid tool, but it’s easy to use and will give you more extense data and information than Ubersuggest.


Do you need ideas about what to write? And to figure out what content gets more shares and better virality?

Simply go to BuzzSumo and type any keyword or any website URL from one of your competitors. You’ll see the top 10 pages that are getting more shares on all the big social networks or the top sites with the most keywords ranking:

Unfortunately, the free plan is very limited, you only can see the first 10 articles that got more shares and use it 5x per day. If you want more detailed info you’ll need to pay a monthly or yearly fee.

In my opinion, you only need to upgrade if you are are a professional blogger with a team writing tons of articles.

Free Stock Images

Beautiful images have the same importance of the words that you are typing. However, getting images to your blog using Google Images is a bad idea.

Instead, you can find professional and free stock images for your site. Below are 2 of my favorite sites to find high-quality images for your blog.

Pixabay: Tons of free images and all free.

Pexels: It’s like Pixabay, that’s why I’m also recommending this site.

Graphic Design Tools


Thanks to Canva you don’t need anymore to pay for a design to create professional images. This is the tool that I use to create and edit all my Pinterest images. With 20 minutes or less, I can create professional and beautiful images, no matter what type of image you need.


While Canva is an amazing free tool to create pretty images, I recommend BeFunky for simple edits like resizing, cropping, adding borders, touch-ups, convert png to jpg and other simple edits.


Have you heard that the size of your images can make your site slow to load and hurt your ranking on search engines? Depending on how many images your blog has, images with big size can have a big impact on your site speed.

Here is the solution for this problem, using Optimizilla it’s a free web-based tool that allows you to easily upload images and compress them in seconds, drastically reducing the size of your images.

Analytics, Site Speed and Performance

#GTMetrix (Page Speed)

Is your site fast or slow to load? Having a slow website will make your visitors abandon your website and also can hurt SEO on your site. Nobody has the patience to wait for 10 or 20 seconds to wait for your site to fully load.

Many different things can make your site slow, and in some cases is not an easy and simple task to discover what is wrong. Sometimes you have tons of images with a big size, in other cases, you have some plugins installed that will cause slowness.

Thanks to GTMetrix you can figure out what is making your blog slow.


GTMetrix is a powerful application that will provide your pretty detailed information on what’s wrong and how to fix it, even if you are not a tech expert.


Did you delete an old post or page that has linked to another page? If you did this you’ll have broken links and a “404 error” will appear.

This is not an urgent problem that needs to be resolved soon. But if you have too many broken links on your site (especially if you have been blogging for years). This makes cause a drop in your Google rankings.

Getting traffic is not easy, so you should always avoid broken links.

And how to discover broken links?

If you have tons of pages, you obviously will not check one by one. Instead, you can visit BrokenLinkCheck and you just need to write your URL to display your broken links.

#Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best free blogging tools that will show you a lot of info from your website:

  • What blog posts are getting the most traffic
  • What are your main sources of traffic
  • Whether your visitors are viewing your blog by mobile devices or desktop
  • What country they coming from
  • And many more.

Sign up for a Google Analytics account and get your unique tracking ID.

Google offers free guides and tutorials about how to use GA. Go to Analytics Academy and there you’ll complete courses to master this tool.

I could add tons of other resources and plugins, but in my opinion, above are those types that are extremely essential.