9 Blog Niches to Earn over $5,000 per month online

Starting a blog is very cheap and relatively easy if you choose a platform like WordPress and maybe the best reason to blog is the possibility to earn a lot of money working from home.

And there are many other amazing reasons to start a blog but choosing the best blog niche is extremely important if you want to make blogging a real business that will eventually pay your bills.

So keep reading and you’ll discover how to pick a blog niche that is suitable for you. And some of the best blog niche examples and ideas to you get started in the right direction.

First of all, what exactly is a “Blog Niche”?

A blog niche is essentially the topic of what you’ll blog. There are countless niches that you can choose to blog about, for example, you can blog about “Finance” or about “Pets”.

Why is it so important to decide the right niche to blog?

Many “gurus” will say that to make money blogging, you just need to “follow your passion” and blog about a niche that you love and sooner or later the money will easily come in your pocket.

But sorry if I’ll disappoint you, but this is not true…

If you want to make money online with your blog, choosing the right niche is the difference between making thousands per month and making nothing, because some audiences are hard to sell or there’s not an effective way to monetize certain niches.

Below is the main reasons why you need to pick the right blog niche:

  • Some niches are profitable while others are not.
  • Some blog niches have a big audience but it’s hard or impossible to monetize.
  • Not all blog niches are easy to write content, depending on the topic, you need to be an expert with advanced knowledge.

As you can see, deciding the right blog niche is not so easy as starting a blog. Writing content that can be monetized is the big challenge you’ll face as a blogger.

What is the best blog niche to make money?

Finding the best blog niche to make money is not a simple task. There a few elements that you must find in the blog topic that you’ll choose, otherwise you’ll waste your time, money and you’ll end frustrated.

To be a successful blogger and earn money you need to find a blog niche that meets these criteria:

  • There is a big audience interested in the topic.
  • Has different ways to monetize.
  • You have some level of expertise.
  • People are interested in buying products or services to solve their problems related to the niche they are interested in.

To make money with your blog and don’t get overwhelmed after 1 month, you need to find a blog niche withe these elements above.

Let’s talk about a real example, why you need to find a blog niche with high demand and people interested in buying for you:

Let’s say that you want to blog about “Astronomy”, according to Ubbersuggest there are over 100,000 monthly searches just on the USA for the term “Astronomy”.

If Astronomy is a blog niche that you enjoy and have great knowledge to share with your readers, you can think that this is a great topic to blog about.

It has many people interested and you may have amazing content to share with other people.

But it’s a topic difficult to monetize.

Just think for one minute: what could you sell for people on this audience? Maybe binoculars or a telescope?

Certainly, you could join the Amazon affiliate system and promote the best telescope and recommend it for your readers. But the number of sales would be ridiculously low and even worst is the 5% commission you get from the Amazon affiliate system.

In a short summary, even if Astronomy is the passion of your life and if you could write hundreds of great articles, it would be almost impossible to earn a lot of money with this blog niche, simply because is a niche where there are no useful and interesting products to sell for your audience.

So what are the best Blog Niches to earn money and eventually become rich?

Now you understand why choosing the right blog niche is crucial to make money as a blogger.

There a few blog topics that are like Golden if you have persistence and work hard. These are blog niches that even in the next 30 years will be popular and profitable.

Below is a list with 9 of the best blog niches to get started.

#1. Personal Finance

There’s a simple reason why this is one of the best and most profitable blog niches. Everybody loves money and many people have problems to save money or quit their debts.

And with no money is almost impossible to live comfortably, so basically, money and finances are a topic that 99% of the population will have some level of active interest.

Inside the personal finance niche that are many “micro-niches” that you can blog about, just some examples:

  • Budgeting and saving money.
  • How to invest in stocks.
  • How to quit the mortgage.
  • How to save money for retirement.

Some top blogs about personal finance to inspire you:

You can easily find tons of affiliates programs in the Finance topic, so it’s a topic easy to monetize.

#2. Health and Fitness

Health can be easily considered one of the most important things in our lives. Nobody wants to get sick and die young…

So for obvious reasons many people will search for information about how to lose weight, gain muscles, tips to live healthier and so on.

Here are some topics that you can choose to blog on health and fitness:

  • Best diets to lose weight and gain muscle.
  • The best vegan diets.
  • Health tips for old people.
  • The best workout programs.
  • Yoga and meditation.
  • And many more.

And some top blogs to inspire you if you think this is the best niche for you.

#3. Food and Recipes

I know it sounds stupid, but we all need to eat to remain alive, and for this unique reason Food and Recipes is a VERY popular niche with millions and millions of people with active interest.

However, the big problem is that in this niche most people are not interested in buying stuff. So trying to sell recipes will not be so easy (thanks to Google and YouTube).

But you still can attract thousands of visitors per day and monetize your blog with ads (Google Adsense). If from one side is hard to sell on the other hand even in the next centuries there will be millions of people interested in this blog niche.

Some top blogs to inspire you starting a blog about Food and Recipes:

#4. Blogging and Making Money Online

This topic is not so popular like Health and Fitness, but it’s still a topic with a huge number of people interested and the best of all – it’s not so hard to monetize because you have countless ways to earn money – for this reason I consider the best blog niche for affiliate marketing.

And the “funny” thing is that you can make money blogging about blogging. You heard correctly – you can earn a lot of money teaching people how to start and make money blogging.

The only problem is competition; there are many people in this niche, so for a brand new blog, it will require hard work to make money blogging if you chose this niche. But if you apply these blogging tips, you still have a good chance to make it happen.

Tops blogs about blogging:

#5. Travel

Everybody loves to travel and enjoy vacations in exotic and paradisiac places. This is a blog topic that is fun and even exciting to talk about.

However, you need to be a highly experienced traveler. If this is not the case it will be a difficult topic to blog about, because you can’t simply use your imagination and then start giving tips for your readers about the best Hotels, or most beautiful places to visit.

There are a couple of topics and ideas to talk in this niche:

  • Traveling with kids.
  • Solo traveling.
  • Traveling with a low budget.
  • Best destinations.

And maybe one of the best blog niche ideas is about covering some specific destinations like Disney or the Caribbean.

There aren’t many ways to monetize this blog niche, however, you still can earn a good amount of money with Google Adsense.

Tops blogs in this niche:

#6. Beauty and Fashion

Beauty and fashion is another very popular niche. If you choose this one you can cover a variety of topics from skincare, haircare, makeup, fashion tips, etc.

It’s a popular niche that never will die. However, you have little options to earn money if you start blogging about this niche.

Also if you want to have a popular blog that makes money, creating how-to videos and sharing them on YouTube is very essential.

If you are a beauty or fashion queen this blog niche can be a fun adventure for you.

One popular Beauty and Fashion blog:

#7. Self-Improvement

Self-Improvement is another niche that is getting more and more popular these days. Many people with some mental problems are looking for solutions on the web and this can be an opportunity for you if you are an expert in this area.

This is a broad niche that covers a variety of topics like depression, anxiety, ADHD, a positive mindset or mindset for business and countless others.

Because it’s a very broad niche I recommend that you don’t blog for many topics and at the same time don’t focus on only a few topics that interest a very small group of people.

If you have a solid experience on this topic or have a degree, this can be an excellent blog niche. You have several options to monetize a blog on this niche, you can sell ebooks, courses, 1-1 coaching, etc.

A great blog to inspire you:

#8. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a broad niche that can cover many different sub-topics. Most of these blogs are targeting anywhere from 3 to 10 topics – anything from self-confidence to home-decor and finances is some of the most common topics on these types of blogs.

The great thing about this niche is that you don’t need to have advanced knowledge in one specific area because you’ll be writing about many different topics. Another advantage is that you can easily find ideas to write.

Lifestyle is a great niche for newbie bloggers for the reasons mentioned above.

The only problem is that you’ll be building an audience that is not mainly interested in one unique topic, so trying to sell courses or ebooks will be very difficult. To monetizing this type of blog it’s recommended a program like Google Adsense that pays you to display ads on your site.

A popular site to inspire you:

#9. Parenting

Being a parent is a serious and hard task. And people who have kids and went through all the struggle it takes to raise one would love to give tips on how to get your newborn to learn how to talk faster or get your teenage kids on the right track.

For obvious reasons, parents (especially moms) are always searching on the internet for the best tips and guides to know for example which food is healthy during their growth, the best way to educate them and many other countless advices. And this active interest is what makes parenting blogs win.

It’s a great niche to earn money because parents are always to read to spend money on their children if you are selling good and useful stuff.

Some top blogs to get you inspired:

There are many other niches that can be profitable, I could write a huge blog niche list with countless ideas and examples however, those are the best ones from my experience.

My 2 best advices to start making money blogging is to choose a niche that you have some knowledge and feel comfortable writing and the second advice is to think how you’ll make money with it – promoting affiliate programs or by selling banner space on your blog (Adsense, Media.net).

And have in mind that building a successful blog takes time, so it’s important to have patience and not quit in the first obstacle.