How to Find Babysitting Jobs near me Paying $2,000+/month

Are you looking for legitimate and high paying babysitting jobs near you? If you landed on this page, obviously the answer is positive.

Although babysitting is often considered a low paying job, it is an extremely important job because a babysitter is a person who will take care of young kids when parents are not available.

And nowadays when twenty-four hours seems not to be enough to work, study and take care of our homes, babysitting can become even more important for busy moms.

For those interested in making a good extra income and have no degree or just want a part-time job, babysitting can be a great way to earn some money. Especially for teens that are in the range of thirteen to sixteen years old, this can be one of the best jobs to receive the first paycheck.

Do you want to work as a babysitter just on weekends, only in summer or part-time? It’s extremely probable that you’ll find parents needing your service in these periods.

And If you need to know how to find babysitting jobs near you, then the article will certainly help you. In this article, I will share seven of the best babysitting websites where you can find people offering their babysitting jobs.

Requirements and Qualification for Babysitting jobs

Basically, people will say that to work as a babysitter you just need to love kids. Loving kids is just the first most essential requirement for babysitting jobs. There are some other abilities you must own.

Do you know how to deal with some of those diabolic kids? (This is serious).

If you know how to deal and take care of kids like the sweet girl above, then you have 90% of the requirements filled. But below are just other important requirements and some qualifications:

  • As said previously you should really like children, and by liking children it means much more than thinking that kids are cute. You should love the process of spending your precious time with children and their behavior that constantly will try to irritate normal people and their parents.
  • Having past experience is a great advantage, so you’ll know exactly how to deal with children when they try to fire the house.
  • Having the proper and correct documentation is the most basic requirement possible for any job, but for some unknown reason, some people forget it.
  • Having some training or certificate on safety or childhood education can increase your credibility and even your paycheck.

Surely there are other requirements and qualifications that could increase your chances of getting a high paying babysitting job, but above are the most important ones that you should pay attention to.

How Much Money Can You Earn with Babysitting Jobs

Usually, in most cases, babysitting is considered a low paying job for teens, but the real amount of money that babysitters are making will depend on several factors including the ones below:

Actual location: The country and city you live will impact directly in your paycheck. Different countries have different cultures, labor laws and different costs of living.

Age of sitter: Young, especially teens babysitters will earn less compared to old babysitters. And of course, this happens because usually, older people have more responsibility and experience in comparison with a 14 or 16 years old teen.

Amount of tasks and responsibilities: in some cases, parents will need extra activities from babysitters like helping their kids with homeworking, picking children from school and in many cases even cleaning the house. The more tasks, the higher will be the paycheck.

TIme of shift: if you get hired to work at late night or weekends, your paycheck will be higher compared to that other normal schedules.

Level of experience: don’t need to talk much about this. A 16 years old Babysitter will receive less than a 28 years old babysitter with a few years of experience and with some training and child safety certifications.

Considering all these factors, The salary of Babysitters can go from $10 to $20+/hour in countries like the United States or Canada.

5 Websites to Easily find Babysitting Jobs


This site is designed especially for people looking for legitimate Babysitting jobs and no matter your level of experience or if you can work just on weekends, part-time or as full-time babysitting.

One of the best things about this site is that people can hire with confidence, meaning that if you want to get a job there you must really be honest and serious.

This site has several safety measures like Identity verification, profile, and message monitoring and the most important: rating and reviews. So as you can see, this website is ideal only for serious people looking for babysitting jobs.

Sittercity has a big number of people looking for jobs, so the parents will not have problems to find babysitter near them.

To join as a Sittercity you need to sign up here, fill the information about and follow the instructions.

Care is another top-rated site where people are offering Babysitting jobs plus other types of jobs such as pet sitting, home cleaning, and others.

This is a very popular service available in over 15 countries, but is more known in the United States – and if you are living there, your chances of getting a job will be higher.

The process to sign up is relatively fast and easy, enter your details and you are almost done.

One big advantage is that they will connect your profile with the most relevant babysitting jobs near your actual location. On this site, you’ll not have the hard work to find the best and most interesting jobs near you.


Another popular service that connects parents and people looking for babysitting jobs near their location. It’s a trusted service used for more than 15 million people in North America (according to them).

With Sitter, there are also other types of jobs such as daycare jobs, in-home care, and even early childhood education jobs.

One interesting advantage is that they offer free CPR training, which can help your chances of finding high paying Babysitting jobs.

If you want to sign up on Sitter, just go here and click on the “Get Started” green button at the top.


Urbansitter is another top and trusted babysitting service to find jobs near you. The process of finding jobs is very simple and straightforward and can be made in a few steps: create your account and profile, apply and accept jobs.

The big advantage of Urbansitter is that it’s free and you keep 100% of your payment. They also allow you to easily negotiate your pay rate with the clients.

To register your account, just visit the site and enter your details.


Babysits is a company with a big community of over one million registered members and available at over 20 countries, being very popular in the United States.

It’s a business online since 2008 so it’s 12 long years and it’s more than proved to be a trusted place to find Babysitters jobs or services. It’s has nothing really special compared to the companies listed above, but it’s an old company that has built a trusted place to find this type of service in over one decade of existence.

Other Places to Find Legitimate Babysitting Jobs

Above is a small list of five trusted and legit places to find for Babysitting jobs near you. Are there similar sites like these ones?

Surely, there are several, however, these are the ones I consider the most trusted. I could easily write a list with dozens of websites, but it would be useless, for several reasons, first because not all are trusted, second because many other websites are a desert island with a small number of users and there are many other reasons.

In any case, if you want to know other trusted sources to find Babysitting jobs, below are other “generic” places where you can find babysitting jobs near you relatively easy and fast:

As you can see there are other great platforms where you can find parents needing a babysitter.

Basically, all you’ll need to do is search for terms like “babysitting jobs near me” or “babysitting jobs in nyc” or any other keywords you believe is more appropriate in your case.

Final Conclusions

Are you under eighteen looking for a legit job that doesn’t require a high level of experience? Babysitting jobs for teens has a ridiculous potential to be your first job.

Different from the past where moms used to have the whole day free to take care of their small children, in this century it’s very normal that parents will be completely busy with their daily tasks whatever it is on their jobs, studies, taking care of their home or any other activity and even if they have free time to take care of kids it is much probable that sooner or later they’ll need to hire an occasional babysitter.

I can bet that if you are a babysitter looking for a job you will easily find some desperate mom offering this type of job near you.