The Best Apps to Send and Receive Money Easily

Do you need simplicity in your life to organize and pay your bills?

An easy solution for this problem is using apps that were intentionally created to send and receive money. With these apps you can easily send money to your friends, even if they live outside your country and pay your bills easily.

By using these apps you just need to link a bank account or your credit or debit card to add money, then you can easily pay your bills and send money for any other people using this app, you can even make international payments.

Not all of financial apps that you’ll find are trusted and worth your time, below is a small list with the best apps to send money with credit card or even adding funds with your bank account:


Owned by Paypal, Venmo is one of the best and most trusted apps to send and receive money. You can add funds to your account using your credit or debit card, and also by your bank account.

They also offer an interesting debit card to make your life even easier.


Formerly known as Square Cash, CashApp is another top choice app to send and receive funds.

With CashApp you also can use your account to invest into stocks and even buy Bitcoin.

It’s a popular app with over 10 million downloads just on the Android platform.

#Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay is the newest payment processor app and an easy and convenient method to pay and send money to your family and friends. The payment feature is integrated with Whatsapp and Messenger at this moment and this service is limited at some countries.

Owned by Facebook, this is certainly one of the most trusted apps and services to send and receive money.


PayPal is the giant and much probably one of the oldest players in the payment industry. For this reason is an app that you can use and trust to receive from your services and to send personal payments to your family and friends.

#Google Pay

Google Pay is another giant that you can count on. It’s not the best option to send money to your friends and family, however if you want to sell online, Google Pay is a top and legit payment processor.

#World Remit

If you are looking for trusted apps to send money internationally, then World Remit is a great and reliable choice. Supported in over 150 countries you are allowed to quickly send and receive funds using your bank account or credit card.
#Western Union
Western Union is another established and very trusted way to pay and send money internationally. They have an app available for Android and iOS, with the ability to send money to almost any country in the world.

Final Words

Thanks to the popularity of smartphones and internet, you don’t need anymore to rely on slow and costly bank transfers that can take days or even weeks to be completed.

The list above contains only the best and most trusted apps to send and transfer money online. There are countless other solutions to transfer money, however not all of them are trusted and many are going to disappear anytime in the future.