AppBucks Hack: Discover a Genuine Trick to Earn $10 per Day

Are you searching for a quick and easy way to make money online with your android phone? If your answer is yes, then you can start earning some extra bucks with an app called “AppBucks”.

In this review I’ll write about what is AppBucks, how it works and you’ll also discover a genuine AppBucks hack that will multiply your earnings.

What is AppBucks and how it works?

AppBucks is an Android app that rewards you for doing simple activities like answering surveys, completing offers, tasks and several others.

First you need to download and install the app, go to this link here, download and install it on your phone.

After that you installed and opened this app, you’ll see a list with countless offers that you can complete. For every offer that you do, you’ll earn points.

Below are some simple ways to earn points with AppBucks:

  • Earn points for installing and testing free and paid apps
  • Earn points for answering simple surveys
  • Share Appbucks with your friends on social media sites like facebook and earn points
  • Refer new users to join Appbucks under you and earn points

Above are listed the best ways to earn points, however there are many other ways to earn money with this app.

Is AppBucks scam or legit?

I haven’t reached minimum requirements to ask for a payout. But I made a quick search on google and could find some AppBucks reviews with payment proofs. I can say that Appbucks is legit for now, but this status can change in the future for any reason.

How payments are made?

Payments are made via Paypal or if you prefer you can exchange your points for gift cards. The minimum necessary to request a payment is $50 which equals to 50,000 points.

This requirement will scare away some members. However AppBucks is a site that gives a lot of points rewards, so it’s not so difficult to reach $50 if you have some patience.

Simple AppBucks Hack to earn money quickly

As this site grows and becomes more popular, many people started looking for an AppBucks hack to easily and quickly earn money online.

But is there a hack that really works?

First of all I don’t recommend using any illegal hack, cheat or points generator. because they don’t work and if you found one working you can easily be banned (because you obviously are breaking the rules).

However there’s some simple and genuine “hacks” that can multiply your earnings.

  • When you join Appbucks you’ll instantly earn $10 in your main balance, just for registering at this program.
  • And if you refer new users to join Appbucks using your referral code you earn 100 points ($0.10) for every new referral.
  • You also earn 250 points just for opening the app daily

There several others “hacks” to multiply your earnings in a legit way, just download this app and start doing these simple tasks and you can easily reach the minimum $50 to request a payment.

If you are looking for other apps and sites to earn cash, you can see here how to get free money in paypal just for performing simple activities online.