Adfly Hack: How to Easily Earn $50

There are countless ways to make money online and is a very popular website where anyone with no advanced computer skills can earn some extra money.

And for being a very popular opportunity to earn money, I see many people searching for dishonest ways to make easy and fast money with Adfly.

Many people want to know if it’s possible to earn money quick with an Adfly hack apk  or a simple Adfly auto clicker bot?

But before talking if there’s a real hack or bot that really works, I will write a short review explaining how it works and if it’s scam or legit.

What is is an old and trusted company that pay their users for simply sharing shortened links. I know you are confused and I’ll explain in details how it works. is an advertisement company that allows users to create a short version of any website link from the internet and if you share this link somewhere and if a visitor click on this shortened link, you’ll earn some money.

That’s a really simple concept, so essentially you are being paid to promote a website from an advertiser. For this reason members from are either publishers or advertisers, while advertisers are paying to show their ads on Adfly platform, publishers are the people that will be paid for shortening and promoting these ads.

Who’s the owner and when Adfly was launched?

Adfly was founded in 2009 by Ian Donovan. At this moment that I’m writing this review it’s 2017, so it’s 8 years in business, with no doubts, it’s a great achievement.

How to make money with Adfly?

If you read until now you figured out that you you’ll make money just by sharing those shortened links. Here’s an example of how you can start making money with

One simple way to make money is by posting your shortened links on social media sites like facebook, twitter, blogs or forums.

And instead of direct posting your photos or videos on sites like facebook or twitter, you can first of all upload your pictures using sites like Imgur or Photobucket.

After that, just copy and paste the URL link of those pictures or videos and then paste it in the link shortner to shrink the link. And for the last part, when you got the shortened link you can post it to facebook, twitter or any other site that is allowed.

You can model this strategy as the way you think is better, this is just an example, so you can understand how it’s possible to make money.

Other ways to make money with Adfly

If you have your own blog or website it’s also possible to make money with, below are some options to monetize your business with

  • Full page script: with this option you can convert all your links into links, this tool will give you the code for doing this.
  • Website entry script: this type of tool allows to earn money every time someone visits your website. The visitor must see an advertisement for 5 seconds and later he will be allowed to visit your site.
  • Pop ups: works almost like website entry script, but instead a Pop up will appear in your website.

There are few other ways to earn money with, but my favorite method is using their affiliate program. I’ll give more details right below, in the end of this post.

Cashout rules

It’s very easy to receive an Adfly payment. The first requirement is reaching a minimum of $5.00 in your main balance. Then you can choose which payment option is better for you:

  • Paypal
  • Payza
  • And Payoneer

Paypal is the best payment processor to receive payments, but if for some reason you can’t use it, both Payza and Payoneer are great options.

How much you can earn?

Your earnings will depend mainly from the location where people are visiting your Adfly links are coming. But the average earnings for 1000 visits is $2.00.

Is scam or legit?

At least for now (august 2017) this site is paying all members with no problems. I found a couple of people complaining about small issues, however is a big website with millions of registered members, so it’s very likely that somebody will find small issues.

I haven’t used Adfly, however I checked many other honest reviews and payment proofs through the web, so I have no doubts that Adfly is genuine.

Adfly hack and bot, does it work or not?

When a site makes a lot of success, many people will start looking for easy and fast ways to make money.

And for this reason I see many people searching for stuff like an bot generator or for hack apk to skip Adfly ads or to cheat Adfly and earn free money without having to share shortened links for hundreds users.

So is there a real Adfly hack or auto-clicker bot that will make easy cash for you?

I found many websites promising an Adfly hack or bot that is working 100%, but this is bullshit. These sites are offering fake hacks or bot scripts that are a waste of time. Just think with me, if someone knows a script or auto-clicker that really works, why would they share for free?

If you are curious, when you visit these websites, before you can download their “apk” hack, you first need to complete an offer or survey to unlock the download process and sometimes you still are not able to get it and even if you can download, it’s always a fake bot or auto-clicker.

There are all types of hacks, like an Adfly auto clicker or bot for android, and several other fake cheats.

My legit way to Hack

There’s a simple but legit way to “hack” Adfly. Taking advantage of their affiliate system.

Here’s how it works: if you refer people to join you’ll earn 20% of all their earnings, it’s easy to figure out that you can easily multiply your earnings with this smart “hack”.