Free Paypal Money: How to Easily Earn $30 per Day


Do you believe that is possible to instantly earn money with absolutely zero efforts? Well, maybe is possible if you use a paypal money adder or a free paypal money generator apk… or not?

I have bad and good news for you. First I’ll talk about the bad news… Do you really think that with just few clicks is possible to earn a lot of money just using a simple “paypal money generator online trick” or a paypal cracker that instantly will add hundreds or even thousands of dollars into your paypal account?

Of course this is not possible. Paypal is a multi-billion dollar company with many employees working on paypal’s site security. They are not  dumb enough to let anyone steal money with a simple paypal money adder hack.

Keep reading to understand why these fake hacks are a waste of time and discover at the end of this article a proven way to earn $50 – $100 per day online.

How those Fake Paypal Adders (or Generators) are Supposed to Work?

Let me explain how these paypal money adder softwares are “working”. First you need to enter your paypal emaill address, then you need to enter your desired amount of money to be added into your paypal account, some softwares allow you to add up to $500!

Next thing they ask is a human verification, I made a quick search and could not find a paypal money adder apk version with no human verification.

And this human verification is basically an offer or survey that you must complete. Now the trick is that you are forced to complete this survey to unlock the free money apps code.

Again I made a search and there’s absolutely not a single real paypal money adder with no survey. Only after that you filled the survey you’ll get access for the paypal money adder activation code.

It’s impossible to find a real paypal money adder hack with no human verification and no survey, because these scammers are offering a fake software and are making money when naive people are doing those surveys.

There are several other hacks, for example you can find a mobile paypal money adder app for android, but as you should understand now, it’s also fake and won’t work.

The truth is that 100% of all paypal money adder softwares are fakes and never will work!

Also think with me, why someone that supposedly knows how to add unlimited money in their paypal account will share this secret for free?

If you discovered a way to get a free paypal account with unlimited money, would you share for the world at zero cost? Of course not.

The true is that all these people that created these called paypal money adder apk or paypal money generator stuff are absolutely all scams and fake. So stay away from all these sites promising easy and fast money.

Now you should be thinking, if these sites can’t generate or add money into your paypal account, what is the reason of them being online and deceiving people like you?

As said before, when you go on these sites, they ask your paypal email address or some other info about you. Then after that you put your e-mail address you’ll be redirect to a survey site and only after that you completed this survey you’ll have access to the paypal money generator app.

However even if you complete the survey, this app will not work. Lastly the website owner of this money generator will steal your paypal e-mail either to attempt to hack your paypal account or to spam you.

And when they ask you to complete the survey, they earn a small amount of money if you do this.

Some of these paypal money generators apk have no survey, but you have to download their software and before you can download, you need to fill the survey and finally you’ll be able to unlock and download their paypal money adder software.

But the worst part is when you have to put your paypal username and password, because they can steal your account info and hack you, this is very dangerous!

Fortunately, there are legit ways to get free paypal money in your account. Of course it takes some efforts, but you’ll not be wasting your time with an illegal paypal hack.

There are also some scammers giving away free paypal accounts with unlimited money on them, you just need to pass the human verification to get your paypal money adder unlock code and download it. But you know the story….

Legit Ways to Make Money

I know some people making a lot of money online in a legit way, so stop looking for a hack to get paypal unlimited money for free.

There are websites where you earn money by simply answering surveys, watching short ads or videos and by completing offers and tasks.

You’ll not make $50 instantly like these free paypal cash generators are promising but you’ll consistently earn some extra money that will help pay your bills or pay for small purchases online.

From my experience to earn free paypal money instantly with no surveys, the best way is by registering at neobux – a famous and trustet GPT site.

If you want to know more about GPT sites, check this tutorial with the best ptc sites and also if you want to know about other ways to earn money you can check this tutorial with the best online jobs.

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