Moon Litecoin Hack: A Simple Trick to Earn $10/day as the name says is a litecoin faucet where you can quickly earn free litecoins. It’s the sister site of Moon Bitcoin, if you take a quick look, you’ll see that both sites are clones with the exact same script, site design and features.

The only difference that you’ll find is the cryptocurrency that you’ll be paid. One pays via bitcoin and the other is paying in Litecoins.

Litecoin is technically identical to Bitcoin and after Dash and Ethereum is the most valuable cryptocurrency.

As and are clone sites, I’ll not write a very detailed article, check this Moonbitcoin review for more info.

How to earn money with

You can earn money with the faucet system, completing surveys and offers and with their affiliate system.

How payments are made?

Payments are made instantly to your Coinpot wallet. Click here for more info.

Is there a legit way to hack faucet?

There are countless auto-click bots, scripts and hacks promising to multiply your eanings. However these kind of stuff usually does not work.

The best way to make money with faucet is by referring new users to this site. They have a great affiliate system where you can earn 25% lifetime commissions from your referrals.

If you are able to hunt many referrals, Moon Litecoin is a great opportunity to earn money.