LeadsLeap Review: Learn how you can Earn Up to $50/Day with this Site

LeadsLeap is an advertising platform designed to help internert marketers get free traffic to their websites or offers.

I’ve been a member for several years and it helped me to increase traffic, get free leads and sales.

In this article I’ll writte a short but helpful LeadsLeap review.

Below you can check some basic details about Leads Leap:

  • Owner: Kenneth Koh
  • Who it’s for: newbie and average users
  • Price: Free Membership $0; Premium Membership $27/month
  • Website: www.leadsleap.com
  • Overall Rank: 8/10

What is Leads Leap?

LeadsLeap was launched in 2008 and initially it was an auto-surft website and recently they added some new features.

One of the new main features is a traffic exchange where you can earn advertising credits by watching others members ads.

It also has a revenue-sharing model even for free members, it’s a business model that does not force you to buy or invest anything, however this shouldn’t be the main reason to join this site.

You also can convert your advertising credits into cash. There’s also a bunch of marketing tools for free like the LeadsLeap real tracker, LeadsLeap Ad Rotator, LeadsLeap Ad Bar and others.

But the best about Leads Leap is the possibility to generate free traffic (and sales) for your website.

Who is Leads Leap for?

  • For Internet business owners
  • People promoting affiliate and digital programs
  • Users looking for a free way to boost sales and leads

Below I want to poing some pros and cons of this free traffic platform. Please note that is just based in my opinion and experience. You should use your criteria to join or not Leads Leap:


No timer ad surfing system: You won’t find those irritating countdown timers, so user’s will not be distrated and will be more focused in the ads they are clicking.

Many free marketing tools and services: I’ll not write about every feature, because there are several of them, but basically they are features and services for online marketers.

Targeted visitors: You can get reasonably qualified visitors with LeadsLeap, it’s not a super qualified advertising solution like Google Adwords, but it’s good enough for people looking for cheap or free traffic.

Good earning opportunities for free members: Even free members can earn some money with their revenue sharing model.


Honestly I haven’t find important negative aspects about this site. However this site is designed basically for the “Make Money Online” niche, so if you have a site in the health and fitness niche this site is not for you.

How to Get Advantage of Lead Leaps and Earn up to $50 per Day

If you are going to use this site for getting free traffic is because you wanna promote your site, blog or your own offers.

And with no doubts if you want to make some good money online it might be a great idea to promote something in this site and earn money, right?

The best way to make money online, from my experience is using the affiliate model. This is a formula where you’ll promote someone’s else product and earn a commission when a sale is made.

If you can find and sell a good program that converts easy, you can make a lot of money online. I tried several affiliate networks and with no doubts the best one is Mobe. This is a great affiliate system that pays up to 90% commissions.

It sells high-ticket products and you can earn fat commissions like $1,250 for a single sale! If you are interested click here for more info.