Enclix Review and Strategy: How to Earn $30 daily

Enclix is a new PTC site that reward their registered users for watching 30 seconds ads and by referring new people.

It was recently launched at march 20 of 2017 and it’s a site that have big potential to become very popular. But is this a genuine site or just another future scam?

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In this short Enclix review you’ll discover more about this site and if it’s scam or not.

About Enclix

Enclix is a program that pays users simply by clicking and watching ads from their advertisers. There are 5 ways to earn money with this site:

  • Watching ads: you can earn from $0.001 to $0.02 per ad clicked. There are 4 fixed ads of $0.01 daily and a bunch of lower value ads.
  • Renting referrals: you can rent referrals for a fixed fee, starting at $0.20 and you can make a profit depending of their activity.
  • Getting direct referrals: you can refer people to join Enclix using your referral link and when they click on ads you earn a commission.
  • Playing Clixgrid: it’s like a lottery, you watch a short ad and you can win cash prizes.
  • Coin offers: you can complete small tasks and you’ll earn “coins” that can be converted into money.

Is Enclix Scam?

Enclix raised some suspicious because of script and design being used for this site. Years ago a very popular site called Probux used the exact same design, script and even business model of Enclix.

Some people claim that Enclix is being operated by the same owner of Probux. If this is true or not only time will tell you.

Plus Enclix have a business model that is not sustainable for long periods because of high click rates that are paid for their users.

Enclix Strategy to Earn $30 per day

Is possible to earn up to $30 per day with a specific Enclix strategy. Basically you need to upgrade your membership at the highest level and get hundreds or even thousands of direct referrals.

You need to get many direct referrals that will click everyday and make good commissions for you.

The best way to get direct referrals is by advertising your referral link on other sites like gptplanet.


Enclix is a site with great potential to make money, but you should never invest more then what you can afford to loose into this site.