Bitcoin Generator Hack: How to Quickly Earn Free Bitcoins

Is possible to earn free bitcoins by simply using a bitcoin generator hack?

First I’ll explain what is bitcoin and where it comes from: Bitcoin is a digital currency and it is created using a process called bitcoin mining.

While paper money is created when governments decides to print money, bitcoin does not have a central government that will create this money.

So bitcoins are created using a complex process called bitcoin mining. Basically you need to download a software that will use advanced algorithms that will find available bitcoins. It’s like mining gold, but using software and hardware.

Now you’ll might be thinking if there’s another way to earn free bitcoins. There are few sites offering a bitcoin generator hack that promises to generate bitcoins almost instantly without having to use the mining process.

I could find a bitcoin generator hack online and others that you need to download a software, I tested them and as I imagined they don’t work.

All these bitcoin generator stuff are scams and as they ask your wallet address they can possibly steal or hack your bitcoins. So please stay away from any kind of instant bitcoin generator tool.

Some time ago I wrote here a post about how these hacks are scams and why you should avoid them.

If you want to have some bitcoins I recommend that you should simply buy them and avoid using any kind of bitcoins generator hack, because you’ll need to download and install a software that can contain a virus and it’s a total waste of time.

There’s absolutely now way to earn free bitcoins in a instant using a bitcoin hack.

How to Earn Bitcoins in a Honest Way?

There are some legit ways to earn bitcoins:

  • You can buy them.
  • You can mine using your computer.
  • Or you can use ptc sites to earn some bucks and buy bitcoins later.