AppKarma Hack: Learn a Simple Strategy to Earn $10/Day

AppKarma is a free app available for Android and iOS that rewards you just for downloading and playing their suit of apps.

Just like many others apps, AppKarma is free to join and incredibly easy to install use and to earn free gift cards.

In this AppKarma review, I’ll explain how it works, how you can earn money and rewards, you’ll also discover a genuine AppKarma hack that will multiply your earnings.

How to earn money and rewards with AppKarma

First you need to download and install this app. If you still have not it on your phone, then click here, select your operational system (android or iOS) and you are almost done.

After that AppKarma is installed, you’ll find several ways to earn money and rewards, but basically you’ll earn only points (called “Karma poits”) that later can be exchanged by rewards and payments via paypal.

Below are the main ways to earn money with AppKarma:

  • Downloading and playing apps: This is the main way to earn points with AppKarma. Basically you are going to be rewarded for downloading and running apps (most of them are games). However depending of the game or app, there are some requirements you must meet to earn points. For example some apps requires that you reach level 3 or that you run the app for 10 minutes.
  • Karma Quizzes: That’s a very easy way to earn Karma Points, occasionally you’ll see some questions that you can answer and earn points.
  • Video Offers: Another easy and simple way to earn points. AppKarma will pay you to simply watch short videos and trailers. I tested and seems that you earn around 5 points for each video you watch.
  • Achievement Badges: After completing a certain amount of offers, you can be rewarded with achievement badges. You just need to use AppKarma more frequently to unlock those badges. From what I noticed you can earn an extra 50-500 points.

There are others ways to earn points like using the referral system, but I’ll talk about this in the end of this Appkarma review.

How payments are made?

As soon as you made enough points you can exchange them for real cash and receive it via paypal. The minimum amount to request a cashout is $3.00 and payments are sent within 3 days.

You also can covert your points for gift cards from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox Live, Playstation, Steam and many others.

Is AppKarma scam or legit?

For now in 2018 it’s not scam. AppKarma is legit and paying all members with few complains. However it’s always important to check AppKarma reviews so you can stay updated if the site start not paying their users.

If you want to join other legit sites like Appkarma, read this article and discover how to get free money on paypal just by completing simple offers and tasks.

Legit AppKarma hack to increase your earnings

I see many people looking for ways to hack Appkarma, so they can earn unlimited points just by using a hack code generator. However this kind of tricks are fake and not working.

Also I don’t recommend any way of cheating because you’ll be banned.

So is there a genuine AppKarma hack to earn more?

The best genuine hack to earn more money and rewards with AppKarma is by referring new people to join Appkarma using your referral code.

For every new user that you refer you’ll earn 300 points and a commission of 30% from all your referrals earnings. It means that if you refer someone that made $10, you will earn a commision of $3 just because you referred this person.

You just need to get your AppKarma referral code and advertise it on others sites or social media platforms like youtube, facebook, google plus or forums.

This is the best AppKarma hack that you’ll find and it’s a legit way to earn some extra cash.