Hi, I’m Cleber. I’m a 24 years old guy from Brazil who makes a living on the internet. I consider myself as the happiest person in the Earth.

But I wasn’t so happy in this way some years ago…

My Short Story

Everything started back in 2005 when I was a very young guy looking to make some extra cash just to buy a computer game, yes it’s a bit ridiculous, but this is how everything started.

At that time I was a naive guy and I joined some scamming programs promising to make easy money and of course I haven’t earned one single cent from this. So I quickly gave up as I imagined that making any amount of money online was impossible or that everything on the internet was scam.

But years later, in 2009 I started again with the idea of making money online. Created several websites from different niches and after about 1 year I made only few hundred dollars. Still very far away of reaching any financial freedom, but at this time I didn’t give up.

After a lot of trial and error, failures, several nights not sleeping worried about this “crazy” idea of making money online, in august 2012 I made $700 in a month promoting affiliate products on clickbank.

At this point I still wasn’t making enough to make a living on the internet, but at this time I knew that it was possible.

Since that year my monthly income was getting higher, little by little and nowadays I’m happy to say that I make on average $5k to $10k per month. Still not a lot to buy a Ferrari, but enough to live the dot com lifestyle – time freedom and local freedom.

Although I reached some success online, I don’t consider myself a guru, there’s always something new to learn.

I created DailyBlogProfits as a place where I’ll write about what I learned in these last years, both my failures and success at this journey to make a living online.